Significant part of the Brazilian Patrimony is not in museums. It is found in private collections all over the country. Expomus manages public and private collections, owned by families or enterprises. 

We understand that this universe represents a clear vision of future. From the artwork to the historical collection, from the archeological remains to the scientific instruments – each record requires from us a thorough handling, including safeguard procedures andinternational standards of conservation and safety, which are fundamental for the preservation of these artistic and inherited works to the future generations.

A team of experts assures a detailed and careful collection management, including technical procedures, such us identification, cataloguing, cleaning, preventive conservation and restoration; research, historical documentation, packing and insurance; as well as development of strategic communication programs.


  • computerized collection cataloguing
  • home care management for private collections
  • loan management for exhibitions
  • customized public exposure programs for collections
  • special educational programs to make collections known
  • installation of storage rooms for public and private collection
  • collection storage management