While in the second half of the 19th Century a lot of exhibitions traveled around the world, stimulating the exposure of museum collections in different venues, in the first decade of the 21st Century instigating exhibitions have been developed. They have conquered new audiences through the development of new methodological strategies and the use of new conservation and promotion techniques. These contemporary shows multiply the exhibition languages, encourage the multidisciplinary approach and the use of technological resources.

This dynamic setting is a source of continuous thinking and excellence for museums, cultural centers and professionals, not only in the Cultural segment, but also in allareas of knowledge, that make use of exhibition resources to promote and to disseminate it and its interface to daily subjects. The exhibition development includes a variety of professionals and a complex chain of conceptual and operational procedures, and is undeniably a productive channel of cultural and institutional interchange.



  • Proposal and complete development of national and international temporary exhibitions
  • Proposal and complete development of permanent exhibitions for museums, cultural and entrepreneurial institutions
  • coordination of loans of works and objects, traveling exhibitions, temporary importation and exportation