In 1981, while Brazil headed for the democratic opening, Expomus was founded with the focus on new possibilities of work stimulated by our Culture. The museums have already emerged as a source of dialogue and comprehension towards the society. This vision – full of significances – guided our first years of activity in the museum segment. It was time to enlarge horizons, to assimilate new ideas, but also to make our contribution so that the world would get to know our country by our multiculturalism.

Museology became our articulating axis, the spinal column from where our activities emanate. In the beginning of the 1990’s, this commitment along with the main museological challenges at the time, led us to roads and tracks of social and environmental projects, expanding our work with new partnerships – either the nonprofit sector, or the public and the private organizations.

In the last decade, we turn the eyes to the issues that expand the space and the discussion on museums, allowing a better access to collections and information by their audience and integrating them to their communities.


  • Execution of new museums
  • Renovation of museums
  • Strategic planning, conception, execution and reconstruction of museums and cultural centers
  • Teamwork training in the museological segment, through seminaries, lectures and cultural workshops
  • Development of educational programs focused on the comprehension and the conservation of the material and immaterial inheritance
  • Accessibility studies
  • Local history and community enrollment
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Social, educational and environmental projects with museological input