2013 Exposições

The City of Light is the star of Impressionism: Paris and Modernity – Masterpieces of the Musée d’Orsay, which presented, in Brazil, a set of 85 pieces from the Musée d’Orsay of Paris, France.The idea was to bring the soul of one of the world’s most visited museums to Brazil and to do this they had to remove the masterpieces from their own walls to loan them to the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro).

The exhibition provided a detailed and moving panorama of impressionist and postimpressionist paintings.The artists of this 19th century movement, which emerged in France in the 1870s, painted based on sensations and direct contact with the landscape, without concern for faithful reproduction of images.Their works portrayed Paris from different angles, from urban life to the peace of life in the country.

Divided into six modules, the grand masters of French painting were on display—three of the modules dedicated to presenting the effervescence of modern Parisian life, with canvases by Pierre-August Renoir and Edgar Degas, for example, and the other three showing painters who escaped the bustle of the city, like Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet.

It was certainly a unique opportunity for art lovers to behold various creations from this period in a grand exhibition, not only for its historic value, but also for its artistic importance.

Curated by the president and head curator of Musée d’Orsay, Guy Corgeval and Caroline Mathieu, and by the general director of the MAPFRE Foundation Cultural Institute, Pablo Jiménez Burillo, the exhibition was organized by Expomus, chosen by the management at Musée d’Orsay and by the MAPFRE Foundation.

Impressionism: Paris and Modernity received support from the Ministry of Culture, through the Rouanet Law, based on an idea from the MAPFRE Foundation and the Muséed’Orsay, with support from GRUPO SEGURADOR BANCO DO BRASIL E MAPFRE, Banco do Brasil and BBDTVM, and support from Cielo and Brasilprev, and promotion from the Globo TV network.

With 886,226 visitors, at CCBB SP (Aug 4, 2012 to Oct 7, 2012) and CCBB RJ (Oct 22, 2012 to Jan 13, 2013), the exhibition, unprecedented in Brazil, received a record number of visitors at CCBB and won four awards: Best international exhibition, by the Paulista Association of Art Critics (APCA); Best exhibition of 2012, by O Globo; Best exhibition of 2012 and Best event for the year 2012 by Guia da Folha – Popular Jury.


Impressionismo: Paris e a Modernidade