2014 Exposições Memória institucional

“Maya: revelations from a time without end” has brought together for the first time in Brazil around 380 objects from the Maya culture, from different Mexican museums.

Recognition of the cultural richness of this pre-Colombian people began spreading around the world during the 19thcentury. In the waning decades of the 20thcentury, when their writing system was completely deciphered, interest in Maya culture emerged definitively from many different segments of society.

In Brazil, an exhibition capable of translating and revealing the cultural scope of the Maya civilization in the fields of art, architecture and astronomy and mathematics had never been assembled.

Brazil and Mexico came together in an unprecedented partnership, and presented from June 10 to August 24, 2014, in the Museu da Cidade (Oca), the civilization that flourished for centuries over a large part of the American continent.

The exhibition, which attracted 152,000 visitors, was carried out by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) of Mexico, the Mexican Embassy, the Museu da Cidade (Oca) and the City of São Paulo.The exhibition received support from the Ministry of Culture, through the Federal Cultural Incentive Law (Rouanet Law), and sponsorship from Banco Itaú, Embratel, Claro and Caixa Seguros, as well as support from Femsa and Pullman. It also received support from the Cultural Action Program of the State Government of São Paulo (PROAC).