SESI Lab occupies almost 8,000 square meters of built area in the heart of Brasilia. The center dedicated to art, science and technology had museological advice from Expomus in its implementation.

With the proposal of sharing knowledge in a playful way and providing a fun and hands-on learning environment, SESI Lab opened its doors to the public at the point of greater circulation of Brasilia, in the heart of the federal capital. Since November 2022, the former Touring Club Building, iconic building designed by Oscar Niemeyer, is officially the stronghold of art, science, technology and education for all ages.

The 100% interactive museum is an initiative of the Social Service of Industry (SESI), in partnership with the National Service of Industrial Learning (SENAI), and will promote the connection between artistic, scientific and technological actions, in collaboration with industry and society. The project had the technical assistance of Exploratorium, one of the main interactive centers in the world, located in San Francisco (USA); and with architectural design by Gustavo Penna.

Expomus was responsible for the full museological advice of the project, acting in all phases from the conception of the space to the coordination of the implementation, including the development of the Museum Plan; the production of the first temporary exhibition, The Future of Professions; the formation of managers and the training of teams. This playlist on YouTube features a series of short videos showing how Expomus performed with the teams of SESI, Exploratorium and the curators of the exhibition.

SESI Lab occupies almost 8 thousand square meters of built area dedicated to exhibition, creative and Maker, interdisciplinary rooms, an LED panel with 84 square meters, café and concept store; in addition to 33 thousand square meters of revitalized green area in partnership with the government of the Federal District, with native species of the Cerrado, interactive installations and external amphitheater for concerts, events and other cultural activities. The result is a multipurpose complex with sensory and educational experiences from a playful, fun, stimulating, participatory, collective and democratic process.


Art, Science and Technology: from idea to form, a formative
Education in Dialogue at SESI Lab


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