About Expomus

Expomus has been working since 1981 on projects of a museological nature in the social, cultural, scientific, technological and environmental spheres. Our work has as mission the expansion of knowledge through multiple readings of the material and immaterial traces of society, in its various collaborative dynamics.

Among our main clients and partners are national and international museums and institutions, private and corporate collectors, as well as public agencies at the municipal, state and federal levels. The more than 250 projects we have developed so far are marked by novelty, quality, ethics and transparency. Our solutions are scaled to fully meet the needs of the client, either in the realization of a small punctual project or in the design and implementation of a large museum.

Our actions privilege dialogue with the other, the awakening of new talents for culture, the continued training of our peers and the formation of new audiences for Brazilian museums. We believe in collaborative and inclusive actions, operate towards the quality of relationships and achievements, and foster the discovery of new sustainable forms of cultural management.

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Museology is the articulating axis from which all the activities of Expomus flow since the company’s foundation in 1981, always focusing on the discovery and construction of new possibilities from the understanding of museums as spaces for dialogue with society. In partnership with the third sector, the government or the private sector, our projects have an emphasis on the relations of culture with social and environmental development. In the last decade, we turn our gaze to the issues that expand the space and debate around museums, which allow better access of their audiences to the collections and informational contents, and that integrate them with the communities to which they are linked.


  • Development of Museological Plans
  • Design and implementation of new museums, cultural centers and memory spaces
  • Restructuring of existing institutions
  • Development of educational programs aimed at understanding and preserving material and intangible heritage
  • Accessibility studies
  • Local memory and community mobilization
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Social, educational and environmental projects with museum emphasis
  • Training projects in the museological area, through seminars, lectures and cultural workshops
  • Communication plans integrated into projects


Expomus is recognized in Brazil and abroad for excellence in the realization of large exhibitions marked by technical rigor and innovative communication actions. Our strategic experience, added to the partnership with the most important institutions in Brazil and the world, allows us to make the proposition and integral development of exhibitions; the circulation of thousands of masterpieces around the world safely; in addition to fostering quality educational programmes.

The 21st century evokes the creation of thought-provoking exhibitions, marked by the conquest of new audiences, the development of new methodological strategies, the use of new techniques of conservation and dissemination. Expomus works with contemporary exhibitions in multiple exhibition languages, from multidisciplinary teams and the intensive – and strategic – use of technological resources. The preparation of exhibitions involves numerous professionals and a complex chain of operations in the conceptual and operational spheres and are undeniably fruitful channels of cultural and institutional exchange.


  • Proposition and full development of national and international temporary exhibitions
  • Proposition and full development of long-term exhibitions for museums, cultural and business institutions
  • Coordination of loans of works and objects
  • Exhibition roaming
  • Enabling import and export


A significant portion of Brazilian heritage is outside museums, housed in private collections and collections, from north to south of the country. Expomus operates in the service of collections, whether public, private or business.

For us, this universe contains a clear vision of the future. From the work of art to the historical collection, from archaeological remains to scientific instruments – each record we organize requires a thorough treatment, which consists of safeguarding actions and respect for international standards of conservation and security, fundamental for the preservation of these artistic and heritage assets for future generations.

A qualified team ensures detailed and careful management of collections.


  • Cataloging and computerization of collections
  • Home care management for private collections
  • Management of loans from collections for exhibitions
  • Tailor-made public extroversion programs for collections and collections
  • Differentiated educational actions for the dissemination of collections and collections
  • Implementation of specialized technical reserves, public and private
  • Storage management of holdings