Our group of collaborators is formed by an interdisciplinary team and consultants specialized in various areas of knowledge – which impresses our achievements an innovative and collaborative character, from conceptualization to the final evaluation of each project.

Acting in collaboration is the soul of Expomus. We work with a network of professional partners, specialists in various areas, which we invite according to the profile of each project.


Maria Ignez Zuccon Mantovani Franco


PhD in Museology from Universidade Lusófona (Lisbon). Founder and Director of Expomus, a museum advisory company that holds national and international exhibitions of art, culture, science and the environment; develops projects of planning, creation and requalification of museums and acts in the area of collection management.

President of ICOM Brazil between 2012 and 2018. Member of the Museological Heritage Council of the Brazilian Institute of Museums – IBRAM – of the Ministry of Culture, between 2014 and 2019. Member of the Council of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo (2021|2022) and of the Group of Facilitators of the Brazilian Forum for Cultural Rights. Member of the Advisory Board of the Brazilian Association of Business Communication – ABERJE and the
Advisory Board of the Imagine Brazil Program of the Dom Cabral Foundation.

Content Coordinator of the MBA in Museum Management of São Paulo, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Cultural Management | ABGC and Candido Mendes University. Awarded by the Ministry of Culture with the Order of Cultural Merit, granted by the Brazilian Government, in 2017. Appointed by the Ministry of Culture of the French Republic “Chevalier dans l’Órdre des Arts et des Lettres” in 2019. Receives the Waldisa Rússio Camargo Guarnieri Medal of Museum Merit, awarded by the Government of the State of São Paulo, in 2021. Awarded the Tarsila do Amaral Medal for her contribution to the Culture of the State of São Paulo, in 2022.

Cláudia Ciarrocchi Ferreira


Lawyer, consultant in compliance, cultural producer, currently manager of Expomus. She was coordinator of the Monitoring and Management Contracts Unit of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, served as Superintendent of the Amigos da Cinemateca Society and as manager of tax and business consulting at PwC.

She is a professor of the MBA in Museum Management of the Brazilian Association of Cultural Management (ABGC), facilitator of the Brazilian Forum for Cultural Rights and member of the Board of Directors of the Social Organization of Culture.

He was a member of the Evaluation Committee of Module I of the Audir Blanc Law Projects of the Municipal Department of Culture of the City of São Paulo in 2020 and controller of projects contemplated by edicts of the Aldir Blanc Law of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo.

Júlia Serra Young Picchioni

Coordinator of the Museology Center

Social Scientist at PUC-SP and post-graduated in Curatorship and Education in Art Museums from the Museum of Contemporary Art of USP, for 20 years she has been working for museums. In this time, he accumulated experience in management, research, preservation and documentation of collections, design and curatorship of exhibitions, cultural programming and educational projects.

Among the organizations in which he worked, stand out the Museum of the Portuguese Language, the Football Museum, the Immigration Museum and the Afro Brazil Museum. He also worked on the design and implementation projects of the Samba And Carnival Memorial of São Paulo and the Museum of the City of São Paulo.

Coordinates the Center for Museology of Expomus, where it plans and executes
different projects, being responsible for managing teams, activities, budgets and schedules.

Luiza Giandalia

Museological Project Coordinator

Luiza Giandalia holds a Master’s degree in Museology from the Inter-Graduate Program in Museology of the University of São Paulo (2021), Specialist in Museology, Collectionism and Curatorship from the Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo (2014) and a bachelor’s degree in History (bachelor’s and bachelor’s degree) from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (2012).

His experience in the field of Museology has an emphasis on research, curation and project management. Among its main qualifications are production and assistance of projects in the cultural area – exhibitions and museums; research and production of content – development, organization and editing of content for various media, with emphasis on exhibition languages.

She worked as a Researcher at the São Paulo Resistance Memorial (2015-2020) and is currently coordinator of museum projects at Expomus.

Alessandra Labate Rosso

Coordinator of the Collections Center

Graduated in Visual Communication (1986) and industrial design (1987) from FAAP – Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, she took a specialization course in Museology at the Universitá Internazionale Dell ́Arte in Florence, Italy (1989). He worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art of USP between 1984 and 1987 and since 1988 works with Expomus.

During these 35 years, he worked in the technical area in collection controls in several projects of national and international exhibitions, management of collections and complementary projects in the implementation of new museums or revitalization of existing museums, as well as technical reserve projects.

He is a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and since 2013 has been on the Board of ICAMT – International Committee of Architecture and Museographic Techniques of ICOM since 2013 and, in the 2023-2025 management, she will also act as treasurer.

He is a member of the ICOM Technical Reserve Collections Working Group in 2022-2025. He is part of the Italian Association of Registrars – Registrarte. Since 2014, she is also the technical director of Clé Reserva Contemporânea, effectively participating in the technical operation and in the interface with clients in the area of Museums and Private Collections.

Patrícia Queiroz

Coordinator of the Exhibition Center

Since 1993 he has been working in the cultural area. She was a museology technician at the National Museum of Ethnology, in Lisbon, between 1993 and 2001. Since 2002, she has been a cultural producer, acting mainly as coordinator and executive producer at EXPOMUS for the realization of exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. Of the most important and recent projects, the following stand out, among others: War and Peace (2010-2014); Europalia Brazil (2011); Impressionism – Paris and Modernity (2012/2013); Heritage of the Sacred: masterpieces from the Vatican and Italian Museums (2013); Mayas – revelation of an endless time (2014); Picasso and Spanish Modernity – Works from the Collection of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (2015); The triumph of colour – Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée de l’Orangerie (2016); Jamaica, Jamaica (2018) and Paul Klee – Unstable Balance (2019).

Camila Djurovic

Museology Center Coordination Assistant
Historian graduated from the University of São Paulo, with a master’s degree in Economic History from the same university and specialization in Museology, Culture and Education from PUC-SP.
He works in the area of museums and exhibitions, with experience in research, curatorship and documentation. She was a researcher at the São Paulo Resistance Memorial (2016-2021) and is currently part of expomus’s Museology Center, assisting coordination and different projects.

Mariana Esteves Martins

Research and Content Coordinator

Researcher in the areas of museum, material culture and collectionism, with professional experience in curatorship and institutional management. She is currently a PhD student in Social History (University of São Paulo) and professor in postgraduate courses in Museology, Collectionism and Curatorship (Centro Universitário Belas Artes) and mba in Museum Management (ABGC and Expomus). At Expomus, she serves as Research and Content Coordinator.

Beatriz Isshiki de Rezende

Technical Assistant of the Collections Center

Bachelor of Fine Arts from Faculdade Santa Marcelina (2005-2008), holds a Master I degree in Mediation of Culture and Heritage from Université d’Avignon, France (2011-2012) and MBA in Museum Management from Candido Mendes College (2019-2021). Since 2012 he has worked at Expomus as a technical assistant in the collections center, working in the area of management of private and institutional collections with activities related to cataloging, information management of works in computerized database, conservation, courier and logistics.

Previously, he worked at Centro Cultural São Paulo with the collection of the City Art Collection, when he worked directly in activities related to the technical reserve and with the control of the collection (activities of handling, packaging, conservation, fine assembly, monitoring on display).

Berit Oliveira

Technique in cataloging
Museology technique and bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, with postgraduate degree in Conservation and Restoration of Graphic Materials. Performs work of sanitation of collection, preparation of conservation reports, cataloguing and research.
He has worked in several cultural institutions such as The City Of São Paulo Museum, Brazilian House Museum and Immigration Museum. Since 2016 she has been a collaborator of Expomus, having worked in the management of an institutional technical reserve, performing daily activities of handling, packaging and packaging of works of art, as well as monitoring of transportation and installation.
He also participated in the process of inventory, standardization and review of information from the entire collection of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo. It currently supports the private collections of which Expomus manage.

Deborah Oltramari

Collection Stake Manager

Bachelor in Advertising from the University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos (RS) and postgraduate in Museum Management from the Cândido Mendes University (RJ), she works as a cultural, executive and artistic producer, as well as a textile restorer. She is a member of the sector of material and intangible heritage with the Department of Culture of Paraty (RJ), works professionally as a manager in the Collections Center of Expomus.

She was executive producer in the restoration of the church of Santa Rita and in the implementation of the Museum of Sacred Art of Paraty, served as coordinator of external events in the Center of Jewish Culture (SP), was assistant director of filmmaker Jorge Furtado and producer of the short film Ilha das Flores. Elaborated projects for cultural notices and was involved with the organization, recovery, hygiene and restoration of the collection of the now defunct ECOTV Angra and Paraty in the Center of Media, Arts and Technology; for several years he provided services to the Casa Azul Association at núcleo RP Autores da FLIP – Festa Internacional de Paraty.

She worked as a local producer of the Mimo Film Festival in Paraty and SP, worked at the Colibri Institute, in the production of cultural, artistic, environmental and sustainability projects focused on indigenous communities, quilombolas and caiçaras through projects contemplated in public notices and calls, among many other activities.

Adriana de Moraes Sarmento

Assistant Director

Graduated in Journalism from the Cásper Líbero Faculty of Social Communication, she has 30 years of experience as an executive assistant to the board of directors. He has been working in the Culture segment since 2014, when he became part of the Expomus team.

Expomus Network

Fábio Rogério Cassimiro Corrêa

Researcher and curator

Historian at the University of São Paulo, master and phD student of the Graduate Program in Economic History at USP. He acts as a researcher and content producer in the areas of economic history, numismatics, banking history and capital markets. He worked as a researcher in the production of the Bolsa Museum – MUB3 and works as a researcher and curator of banking memory with the Santander Brasil Collection.

Marcelo Tanami

Documentalist and conservative-restorative

Documentary and conservative-restorative in the Collection of Banking Memory of Santander Brazil. It operates in the hygiene and preventive conservation of the historical and furniture floors of Farol Santander, with the organization and environmental control of technical reserves and with the hygiene, restoration, preventive conservation, packaging and cataloguing of the Photographic Collection of the Bank Memory Collection.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree in History from the Federal University of São Paulo, with a Postgraduate Degree in Archival Management from FESPSP. He has 9 years of experience in the areas of documentation and conservation, working in cultural institutions such as Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros da USP, Instituto Victor Brecheret, Cinemateca Brasileira and Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo. He worked in private collections of photography, such as landscape architect Maria Cecilia Capobianco, environmentalist João Paulo Capobianco and artistic photographer Gal Oppido.

Alexandre Benedito Ignácio Alves

Museum assistant

He graduated in Artistic Education at FAAP. He is a visual artist and has worked in institutions such as Fundação Bienal, Museu Afrobrasil Emanoel Araújo, Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Centro Cultural São Paulo among others in functions related to production, assembly, logistics and educational. Museological assistant, currently works as a museological advisory assistant at the Santander Brasil Collection.

Mauricio Mendes

Historian and documentary ist

Responsible for gathering, organizing, identifying and disseminating the historical records related to the trajectory of Banco Santander Brasil. He holds a Bachelor’s degree and a degree in History from USP. Since 2009 he has been working in the area of memory preservation, with experience in management, institutional memory and development of a tool for collection management. With multipurpose training, it adds knowledge in the area of humanity and technology. Worked in several companies in organization / extroversion of collection, historical survey and content production.

Cleber Silva Ramos

Documentary and conservative

Documentary and conservative with bachelor’s degree and degree in History from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). He has an extension in Introduction to Politics and The Treatment of Archives by the same university, holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) and has studied museum documentation training offered by the International Committee of Museums (ICOM).

Participated in the process of implementation of the Digital Preservation Policy of the Documentation and Memory Center of pinacoteca of São Paulo. Since 2008 he has been working in the area of preservation of collections, in several institutions of the State of São Paulo, and also for private collectors, always within this scope of organization and conservation of collections, being physical or digital.

Maurício Munuera

Conservation and restoration technician

Technician in conservation and restoration of the collection of institutional memory in the Santander Collection. It provides services to Santander’s cultural collection since 2018, including digitization of documents and plans, historical research on the technological evolution of machines used in the banking sector, and conservation of the institution’s audiovisual collection.

Graduated as a Technician in restoration of works of art by the Technical Center Templo da Arte (2022), he has been working in museums in São Paulo since 2010, among them Museu da Imagem e do Som (educational), Pinacoteca do Estado (documentation and memory center), Brazilian Cinemathetheis (film restoration laboratory) and Museum of the B3 Stock Exchange (researcher).

He graduated in photography from the Pan-American School of Arts (2009), was professor of photography and responsible for the photographic laboratory of the Focus School, and worked on several conservation projects in photography collections. Currently studying in Chemistry at the University of the City of São Paulo, aiming to improve the current techniques of restoration of works of art, documents and historical objects.



Larissa Foronda

Art Collection Manager

Bachelor and degree in Fine Arts from Faculdade Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP), has a master’s degree in Museology from USP-SP. Since 1998, he has been working in the cultural area, gaining experience in various sectors in the museum area. She has worked as an educator, producer and manager in several institutions and museums.

Jessica Caroline Lima Lopes

Collection cataloging technique

Technician in Museology by ETEC Parque da Juventude and Degree in Visual Arts by Faculdade Paulista de Artes, she is studying for a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism, and specialization in Museology, Collecting and Curatorship at the Centro Universitário Belas Artes. He has worked in public orientation, attendance and production in museums.