MBA in Museum Management and Innovation

The postgraduate MBA in Museum Management and Innovation is a specialization course in Museology with a curricular focus on Museum Management, Communication and Innovation, which aims to fill the growing gap of this professional field in the labor market, lacking in executive training focused on the management, planning and economic sustainability of museums.

The proposal is to train professionals to act in a reflexive and entrepreneurial way in the universe of museums in Brazil, qualifying them to perform multiple functions in public and private administration, also empowering them to improve and update with the technical and content universes of contemporary museology, with emphasis on the dynamic of museological institutions.

The course is offered by the Brazilian Association of Cultural Management in partnership with Expomus, Unimais and the Museum of the Portuguese Language.

Classes started in 2022 but each module can be taken in isolation. The meetings take place in hybrid format: in person at the head office of the Portuguese Language Museum, in São Paulo, and online through abgc’s exclusive platform for students anywhere in the world. Confirm complete information and sign up for the ABGC website.

Academic Coordination: Prof. Me. Katia of Mark

Content Coordination: Prof. Dr. Maria Ignez Mantovani Franco