Museum of Florianópolis

Inaugurated in 2021, the Museum was born with the aim of promoting continuous reflection on the territory and transformation of urban space.

The Museum of Florianópolis is a city museum that chooses as an object of study, reflection and communication the territory, more than the politically constituted city. In this sense, it was designed to act as a great portal of access to the municipality, where it is possible to know the city, in an interactive way, and understand it in its contemporaneity.

Expomus acted in the museological coordination of the implementation of the space, inaugurated in November 2021 in the restored building of the old House of Chamber and Jail, of the Florianópolis City Hall, which granted the management of the equipment to the Social Service of Commerce (Sesc-SC) for 20 years.

The Museum was born with the objective of promoting continuous reflection on the territory, the dynamics of construction, occupation and transformation of urban space, in its different dimensions: historical, geographical, cultural and symbolic, where temporalities converge and interpenetrate, through the exhibition of physical collections, technology, interactivity and its multidisciplinary educational program, comprehensive and inclusive.

Based on an innovative concept, the Museum of Florianópolis brings characteristics of historical museums, preserving the memory of the Capital of Santa Catarina, while looking at the present time to understand the complexity of the issues of the city today, in order to open a dialogue for the future. Using different technologies and exposing important collections, the space should position itself in the museological scenario of the municipality as an interlocutor to address emerging issues, bring different voices of the population.


Florianopolis History SESC