So Far, So Close

The exhibition held in Brasilia and São Paulo marked the 10th anniversary of the Telefónica Foundation and received the Aberje Award in the Memory and Historical Responsibility category.

The exhibition So Far, So Close , held to mark the 10th anniversary of the Telefónica Foundation, was on display at the National Museum in Brasilia (August to October 2009) and at the Faap Museum of Brazilian Art in São Paulo (March to May 2010). It told the story of the 10 years of the Telefónica Foundation and the development of telecommunications in Brazil and worldwide. He was one of the winning cases in the Aberje Prize memory and historical responsibility category, which recognizes innovative initiatives in the area of institutional communication.

The exhibition was conceived from the collection of the Telefónica Foundation, one of the largest historical collections of telephony in Brazil. In So Far, So Close , visitors had the opportunity to know part of this set.

Among the telephone devices on display, the “Ericsson wall”, from 1884, one of the first models to arrive in Brazil on a commercial scale and the “Iron Foot”, from 1892, pioneered by allowing one to speak and hear in the same piece. There was also a fax used in 1950, a videophone from the 1970s and one of the first models of mobile phone, manufactured in the 1990s.

Among the historical documents, a selection of magazines Sino Azul, a pioneering institutional publication of the now defunct Companhia Telefônica Brasileira (CTB), forerunner of Telesp, was presented, which circulated from 1928 to 1989; reproductions of patents of some of the major technological inventions; a 1911 telephone directory from São Paulo, as well as historical photos that recorded the work routine of CTB employees.

The curatorship of the show was carried out by Peter Alexander Bleinroth Schulz, PhD in Sciences from Unicamp and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, who works as a professor of undergraduate and graduate studies in Physics and is a researcher in the area of Condensed Matter Physics.


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