OSGEMEOS: Our Secrets

The exhibition brought together almost a thousand items selected by the graffiti artists Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo themselves.

The exhibition OSGEMEOS: Our secrets brought together almost a thousand items selected by the graffiti brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo themselves, who made Brazilian graffiti an art recognized throughout the world. The exhibition presents a generous vision of the playful universe shared by the
siblings since childhood, from which originates a good part of the characters that make up his
art. Expomus was responsible for the production of the exhibition.

The set of pieces was organized in such a way as to convey information and sensations about a
quite peculiar artistic production. This universe is not perfectly translatable into words; they are windows that open to another world, with canvases, installations and murals in urban spaces, which play with the imagination of visitors, collectively or individually.

The exhibition attracted more than 833,000 visitors at CCBB Rio de Janeiro, between October 2022 and
January 2023, contributing to the institution entering the list of the 100 most visited of 2022 of the website The Art Newspaper. Later, it was also mounted at CCBB Belo Horizonte, where it ran from February to May 2023. There, he received the unpublished module “Thus I embroidered my dreams”, dedicated to the work of the mother of OSGEMEOS, Margarida Pandolfo.


CCBB London Rio de Janeiro