Lasar Segall: Color Essay

Divided into four modules, the exhibition features a generous set of works from various stages of the artist and a videobiography. It is a retrospective whose central theme is the study of color as an expressive means essential for the understanding of Lasar Segall's painting.

Lasar Segall: essay on color was a retrospective with 87 paintings and six drawings by the Naturalized Brazilian Lithuanian artist held at SESC May 24. The exhibition, curated by Maria Alice Milliet and produced by Expomus, made a narrative based on the chromatic schemes and color studies that Segall developed in his work.

The show was divided into four modules – Anguish: the emotion color; Under the sign of the tropics: the national palette; Compassion: not color; and Introspection: the “Segall color”. In each nucleus the curator included a work of a Brazilian artist who dialogues with the respective phase of Segall.

The exhibition was held in a partnership between SESC and the Lasar Segall Museum. The works belonged to private collections and institutions such as the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, MASP, the Institute of Brazilian Studies (USP) and the Edson Queiroz Foundation.


2019 Art Sao Paulo SESC